What Sidetracks You?

I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who has a ‘perfect’ day every day.

No friends, no family members, nor any famous people.

Now we can debate what a ‘perfect’ day is but for the moment let’s think of it as ‘optimal for your health’.

For me, that means something along the lines of: getting a good night’s sleep and being productive in every major area possible (family, career, exercise, nutrition, creativity, learning, etc.).

Most days, I’m able to manage quite well. But not all.

I point this out because no matter where you are on your health journey, not matter how good or bad you are at managing your days, even when you get really good at it, there will still be challenges, setbacks, and good old-fashioned human temptations you’ll have to deal with.

They never go away.

So, when you have one of those days that feels like it might possibly derail your progress, try not to be too judgmental. You haven’t failed.

A better way to look at it is that you’ve been presented with a perfect opportunity to learn what sidetracked you, and to quickly get back on track as soon as possible.

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