There’s Today, and There’s ‘Not-Today’

When it comes to list making, one way to think about how to organize what’s on your list is that there are things you must get done today, and there are things that are simply ‘not today’.

Sure, you can plan and organize your calendar with stuff that you have to do tomorrow, or next Wednesday, or next month, but at the beginning of every day one thing always remains constant: it’s today.

What you might find, looking at prioritization through this lens, is that many other tasks and projects can and should actually be shuffled away from today, even if you didn’t ‘plan’ on that.

What that leaves, if done well, is much more time to finish all that is actually important and timely.

And if this little tip can leverage you just a few extra minutes in today’s busy, stressful work world, then that’s a few extra minutes that will go a long way towards the bottom line of your health.

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