What Makes You Angry?

Yesterday we talked a little bit about how physical pain is a teacher.

Similarly, so is emotional ‘pain’.

This may manifest in the form of stress or anger.

When something causes you to react with anger, for example, it’s time to start asking yourself , ‘why?’

In my experience, most of the time, it’s not the present event that’s at fault.

Yes, if you deliberately poke me in the eye, I might get angry. (But more likely, just feel hurt.)

No, most of the time when I react with anger it’s because I haven’t resolved frustration with something that occurred earlier that day, or even farther back.

If you can notice yourself reacting rather than thoughtfully responding, that’s the first step towards learning and growth.

You’ll start to take less of your anger out on people and things who don’t deserve it, and address it in a more mature way at the correct situation.

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