My Secret Healing Weapon

On Columbus Day my family & I were on the soccer fields from 8 AM until 5 PM. On days like that, I usually have a huge breakfast, which keeps me full for quite awhile, then fill in later in the afternoon as needed with water, homemade protein bars, jerky, fruit, & nuts.

Except this Columbus Day I brought my secret weapon: a huge, insulated thermos full of bone broth.

After expending lots of energy coaching, my body was a bit depleted after our last match. Then I remembered that the bone broth was still in the car.

When I opened it up, it was still piping hot.

The salts, fats, vitamins, and minerals instantly went into my bloodstream. It felt like an IV was delivering me rejuvenation.

And it tasted damned good.

Feeding your body a serving of good, hot bone broth is one of the most nourishing things you can do,

If food is medicine (and it is), bone broth easily makes my top 5 list in terms of healing power, and could even be #1.

Your grandmother will vouch for this opinion as being scientifically true. (If you think that the wisdom of what worked for generations of our elders is not important, think again.)

Bone broth is relatively easy to make at home if you’re not afraid of the kitchen. It’s one pot, a bunch of vegetable scraps, bones, and things you might otherwise throw out, along with some seasonings.

I know that most of you don’t love to cook. So for you I have good news: high quality organic bone broth is available just about everywhere.

You can find it in the frozen section of most supermarket that carry natural & organic foods. My favorite ‘commercial / store’ brand is Bona Fide.

You can go to Brodo or Hearth in Manhattan.

You can also find it made locally by companies such as Nikki’s Liquid Gold. Aptly named, it really is liquid gold for your body.

To be clear, neither Nikki nor Errol knew that I was going to mention their business today, nor did they ask me to. So this is not any kind of affiliation or sponsorship that I get paid for.

I simply wanted to write about bone broth and share it’s healing powers with you.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself and see.

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