Moving To Action

Yesterday’s post wasn’t wholly about coffee.

A large part of it was about getting out of your own head.

Unless you are a zen master or lack the modern version of consciousness for some other reason, you have tens of thousands of thoughts running through your head all day long.

Few of them are actually helpful or practical.

I mentioned several ways to do this (get out of your own head), including raising awareness of your thoughts through the use of notation, on paper, if necessary.

Here’s another one that I like.

When I wake in the morning, after dreaming, like you, my conscious thoughts begin right away.

I prefer to move to action as soon as possible, and by that I specifically mean exercise.

‘Getting into your body’ is another way to ‘get out of your head’.

It doesn’t have to be weightlifting & strength training (my preference). It could be walking, yoga, core conditioning, etc. I’ll use strength training for the purposes of an example here.

If I wake up, hit the snooze bar, and sit in bed, the thoughts don’t stop. Over time, this becomes more & more paralyzing, while less and less sh*t gets done.

On the other hand, if I get up immediately, brush my teeth, and go directly into the gym, something else happens.

Yes, my conscious mind is still working. But I have to get the workout started. I have to keep moving my body. I have to hit the next set, the next rep.

There’s no time to over think that process.

I also find that as my body warms up, my mind cools down.

When the session is done, I am far, far more likely and energized to spring into the next action of the day, whatever that might be: meditation, work, family, etc.

Getting your body active early sets the stage for action, not analysis (the latter of which often leads to paralysis, or, inaction).

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