Old Habits Are Hard To Break

Recently I almost burned my kitchen (possibly house) down by comitting one of the most common mistakes that causes in-home fires: I left an oven mitt near the hot stovetop.

The mitt fell off it’s nearby perch, onto the burner, and went up.

Luckily I was close by and got it right into the sink.

But sometimes when I cook, I do walk away from the kitchen a bit.

I decided in that moment to stop keeping those oven mitts in that particular spot, and moved them to the drawer on the other side of the kitchen.

Except, since, then, several times, I have reverted back to my old (dangerous) habit of placing the mitt on the same perch near the stove while cooking.

Each time since then, I noticed it and fixed it, but, it did happen.

Old habits are hard to break, even dangerous ones.

So don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re struggling with changing … anything.

It takes approximately a couple of months to build a new habit that sticks, at first. Habit building is actually a skill that you can improve at; over time, the more habits you build, the faster you can build them.

Be persistent.

And remember why you’re doing it.

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