The Hard Part of Your Job

Very soon, a computer may be doing your job for you.

As Seth points out, there are already computers that can read your x-ray with far more accuracy that any radiologist can.

So, does that mean that you shouldn’t become a radiologist, or, that you should quit your job now?

No. What it means is that you need to start getting better at the hard part of your job: the human part. The part that computers cannot, and will not ever be able to do.

The part that involves solving unexpected problems, dealing with interpersonal conflicts, building trust, and delivering delightful results.

Those things, a computer will never do.

Get good at them now, and become indispensable later.


You may wonder, ‘what does this post have to do with your health & wellness?’

Well, your career is a very big part of that.

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