There Is No Final Exam

Blue light, lectins, 5G, organic vs non-gmo, paleo vs vegan, food waste, ketogenic diet, fat loss, fasting, supplements, protein, caffeine, sleep, heart rate variability, blood sugar, hormones, exercise, digestion …

… this is not sung to the tune of ‘We didn’t start the fire’, but the list of health topics you might feel pressured to learn about has no end.

Here’s the thing: there is no final exam.

So you can set aside the mindset that we were raised with. Your health is not a test. It’s not a matter of knowing more.

There is no moment where you will hand in a paper and someone will say ‘congratulations, you have passed, you know how to be healthy.’

You should feel free to learn about any topic that intrigues or bothers you without feeling overwhelmed.

Instead, think of your health as an ongoing practice.

Use whatever knowledge you have right now to the best of your ability.

What your body needs today will change. It won’t be the same tomorrow.

Everything is a test. Every meal, every snack.

But you are the professor who’s grading the result, not me, or anyone else.

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