Navigating Your Health Journey

One of the reasons that ‘quick-fix’ diets are tricky is that they often work … at first.

If you’re coming from a relatively unhealthy place, say, eating a lot of processed foods and doing little to no exercise, then, of course, just about any healthy diet that you try is going to be a major improvement.

Figuring out if that diet is the right one for you is a much different skill to develop.

The right diet for you probably has some basic principles, some foods that just don’t agree with you. But it’s also likely to change over time, perhaps with the seasons, perhaps as you age.

You are on a journey. You can picture your health as the boat out at sea, sailing towards its ultimate destination of a long, healthy, happy life.

You may have some troubled waters here and there, but even when they are calm, that boat still needs a captain to keep it on course, making small adjustments all along the way.

If there were one diet book or program that solved everyone’s problems, then there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of diet books or programs. Just keep that in mind.

Many of them are great and helpful, but none of them is necessarily the only thing you need.

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