You May Not Need The Gym

Here’s an actual quote I heard the other day:

“I bought a gym membership for $10 per month. I haven’t been in a few years though. Working here [in this supermarket] is my exercise.”

Of course, being a Health Coach, I couldn’t just walk by and let that go, as the person was clearly in below average physical condition.

Just to be clear, that’s not a knock or negative criticism. It’s simply the observation of a professional who wants to help, of a person who clearly wants the help.

I advised the person to get at least twenty minutes per day of walking in, because while working a mildly active job is good, it’s not enough.

It’s most definitely not enough to by a gym membership and never go.

Here’s my tip if you aren’t going to make it to the gym:

You don’t need a gym.

You can become very, very fit and strong right in your own home and at your closest park.

There are literally thousands of free resources out there on the internet for you to achieve this.

If you prefer my specific advice, him me up privately, or in the comments below, and I’m happy to point you in the direction of saving money, and saving the health of your body, before it’s too late.

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