Staying Open

I talk a lot about the four pillars of health (Calm, Strength, Love, & Nutrition), and the fact that your health is a journey.

I don’t often talk about how your journey might look and feel.

It’s important to realize that any one of those pillars might be your entry point, and that at any time, you may hit a milestone of growth in any one of them, in no particular order.

In other words, you might go to the gym regularly and eat well, yet still struggle to maintain your ideal body weight or shape. It’s possible that your growth needs to occur inside, emotionally.

Or, you might be pretty well balanced inside your head, but that breakthrough around food just hasn’t happened yet.

Don’t worry. You can’t always force it.

What you can do is trust the process (of life), and know that wherever you are today is OK.

If you’re open to examining any area that might be holding you back, that’s enough.

It’s only when you’re closed that blockages occur.

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