3 Meals A Day?

For almost forty years I’ve eaten mostly three meals a day, but lately I’m really starting to question that.

Why not just eat when I’m hungry?

This is one of those things that I, like you, have probably always know was ‘off’ or ‘wrong’ since you were a little kid.

Why do you have to eat lunch now? Because Mommy & Daddy said so? Because everyone else in school is?

If you look into it a little bit, you’ll quickly find out that ‘three meals a day’ is a relatively recent cultural invention.

So what’s best for your body?

Only your body can decide.

What you need to do is practice the stillness and honesty that help you hear what your body & soul are telling you, and then, have the courage to do it.

That last part is not always easy, because it may mean breaking a social norm, such as, not eating dinner when everyone else wants to. Perhaps you might just want a really big lunch, and, a cup of tea or broth at night.

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