“Do I Believe In Organic?”

This is an actual question I was asked in person recently.

My answer is that I have done enough learning about the topic that it makes me uncomfortable to put non-organic foods into my body.

If I’m at a party or a restaurant and there are only conventional (that’s the word for non-organically grown) options, I eat them without worry.

A few exceptions here and there don’t bother me. I’m able to control the other 85% of what I eat when I shop and cook.

The question phrased in terms of ‘belief’ is interesting to me. I am aware that you may view eating organically as you might someone else’s religion or myth.

Or, you may just not really care about it enough to want to look into it.

Or, you may just not be ready to perhaps have to take a look at everything that’s in your pantry and start asking questions.

All of those things are OK. Wherever you are in your health journey is perfect. When I Coach people, it’s my job to meet them right there.

This blog isn’t a coaching session, so I won’t be able to recommend a specific action step for you regarding eating organically.

But what I can say is that it’s not always about throwing all of the food in your refrigerator out and making a massive overnight change.

If you’re interested, you can ask me where to start, and I’m happy to respond privately.

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