Risk, Pain, and Your Dreams.

It is only at the risk of being unpopular with some that you can accomplish something truly great.

You’ve got to be willing to stand for something, or, as Alexander Hamilton said, you’ll fall for anything.

Being willing to show others the way forward, whether those people are your family, your co-workers, or your neighbors and friends, means bringing into the light that which they are attached to, but which they may need to detach from.

And nobody likes letting go of what they are attached to, unless they make a regular habit of practicing that. (And even then, it can be tricky.)

Now, the way you approach it can be handled differently, with different levels of skill and tact. But at the end of the day, you cannot compromise what you know to be true and correct, even if that brings you some pain.

Some constructive pain in relationships with others is tolerable.

Looking back on your life at a bunch of goals and dreams being unrealized is not.

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