Cavemen Didn’t Eat Brownies

It’s mildly ironic to me how many packaged foods are labeled “Paleo”, but there were no packaged foods, graphic designers, or supermarkets in the Paleolithic era.

This is not to say that the companies who make such foods should stop; I love, support, and eat plenty of them. When I see that a food fits with the ‘paleo diet’, I am happy to know that it probably doesn’t contain any refined sugars, or crappy vegetable oils, and so forth. (But I always check the ingredients first.)

But it is worth noting that we do not live in the year 10,000 B.C., and none of our ancestors woke up in the morning to find a chocolate chip almond flour brownie waiting for them on a shelf nearby.

So, just be mindful of the fact that there is really only one diet that matters, and that’s what makes you feel the best right now, right after your next meal.

Don’t automatically put yourself into any box just because it’s trendy or popular to do so, or even because it worked yesterday.

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