New Behaviors, Stories, & Language.

Psychologically, as human beings, we’re really messed up.

By the time we come into adulthood, if we haven’t done any kind of serious inner work (which is often the case), our minds are loaded with all sorts of baggage.

Some of it is our own; some of it is from our parents, friends, and teachers; some of if is from media & corporations.

This is not the kind of thing that we clean up by reading one blog post, or by taking any pill.

The clearing of our minds, our journey towards the discovery of our true selves is just that: a journey. It’s a process through which, one step at a time, we can start to examine why we do what we do, and grow.

We can change our behaviors when we understand why we engage in them in the first place. We can rewrite out stories when we see the fallacies in the old ones. We can speak to ourselves with new language once we permit ourselves to do so.

We can let all of that baggage go.

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