What’s Good For You?

I am often asked whether or not ‘X’ is good or bad, because I am a Health Coach and organic ingredient distributor.

I won’t always reply with a simple ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because a list of ‘products that Matt says are good’ is not very helpful for you.

What’s much more helpful than a list of products is a list of principles, like the one I shared with you on June 21st.

There’s always going to be someone else, not named Matt, who recommends something contrary, or whos advise conflicts with mine.

That person might even be you one day, and that would be awesome, because I want you to learn what works best for you … and then I want to learn about that from you.

My job as a Coach is to guide you on your journey, not to walk it for you. The moment that I start thinking for you is same moment that I deprive you of your own process of learning and growth.

I’d much rather ask you if ‘X’ fits with the basic principles of a healthy diet, point out helpful facts, steer you away from what hasn’t worked in the past, or give you positive tools to make good choices.

All of that plus we must both remain open minded to the fact that what works for you might be different.

This concept of figuring out ‘what’s good for you’ is important because the more research you do these days, the more you will find yourself drowning in a sea of conflicting ‘evidence’.

Learning how to listen to your body, mind, and soul to find the answers that work for you allows you to rise above that.

No one else (not even me) can challenge that evidence.

So, keep the questions coming, especially if you want an answer that points you in the right direction for you, without making any assumptions.

I hope you’ll find that kind of answer much more valuable than any other.


My cousin Perri is running in the 2019 NYC Marathon and raising funds for the North Shore Animal League. If you’d like to help support this cause, please click here to learn more.

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