How Much Can Your Body Do?

Recently I did a condensed series of three straight training days back to back to back where on the third day, I was so sore from the first two that I could barely walk up and down stairs without grunting.

I debated making that third day a rest day, but something inside of me told me I should do it. I knew that after a proper warm up I would get into the groove.

I just wasn’t sure if it would be a bad decision for the following days. Would the session bring on excruciating pain and soreness for the rest of the week to come?

I’ve written to you a lot lately about Calm. If you’re macho, don’t worry, I haven’t stopped pushing the boundaries of Strength. Far from it, in fact.

If you’re not macho this post may be even more important for you, because, as a healthy life includes balancing opposites, it is healthy to push the boundaries of your Strength regularly.

And while this should be done correctly, following certain progressions, and often with a qualified Coach, it still should be done.

So, under those conditions, how far can you push your own boundaries?

Through the roof.

For most of the clients I Coach, I would not have recommend doing the third session described above.

For me, it turned out to be a great session, and it did not produce any additional negative effects. But that’s me: my body has built up enough resistance from years of training to be able to handle it and recover well. It wasn’t the first time I trained through severe soreness.

For you, it’s about finding that limitation wall inside your head, putting your fears on the side, and working right through it.

Your body can do a lot more that your brain tells you.

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