Old Habits Are Hard To Break

Recently I almost burned my kitchen (possibly house) down by comitting one of the most common mistakes that causes in-home fires: I left an oven mitt near the hot stovetop. The mitt fell off it’s nearby perch, onto the burner, and went up. Luckily I was close by and got it right into the sink.Continue reading “Old Habits Are Hard To Break”

A Little Hunger Won’t Kill You

I’m not even talking about intermittent fasting here, which involves adapting to a longer period of time being hungry. I’m talking about the fact that we have so much food available to us at all times that we, sometimes, can’t even wait for something to heat up, so that we start to snack while dinnerContinue reading “A Little Hunger Won’t Kill You”

The Hard Part of Your Job

Very soon, a computer may be doing your job for you. As Seth points out, there are already computers that can read your x-ray with far more accuracy that any radiologist can. So, does that mean that you shouldn’t become a radiologist, or, that you should quit your job now? No. What it means isContinue reading “The Hard Part of Your Job”

There Is No Final Exam

Blue light, lectins, 5G, organic vs non-gmo, paleo vs vegan, food waste, ketogenic diet, fat loss, fasting, supplements, protein, caffeine, sleep, heart rate variability, blood sugar, hormones, exercise, digestion … … this is not sung to the tune of ‘We didn’t start the fire’, but the list of health topics you might feel pressured toContinue reading “There Is No Final Exam”

Healthy Relationships

Communication in its highest form includes being completely vulnerable. It involves a willingness to tell the other person what you are afraid of, what bothers you, and why. When you put your defenses down first, it opens the door for true growth to occur in your relationships. Healthy relationships are just as important to yourContinue reading “Healthy Relationships”