Companies Want To Think For You …

… and they’re getting better and better. The ‘auto suggestions’ they offer at the bottom of my emails are eerily accurate options lately.

But I never take them. It would be easy to click one button instead of typing a few words, but it wouldn’t be me.

I can tell when someone who want to ‘connect’ with me on LinkedIn has used an automatic message, which derails the whole notion of connection, for me, at least.

Authentic connection with others is one of the four keys to your health. Out of Calm, Love, Strength, & Nutrition, connection and relationships fall into the area of Love.

You need to have loving relationships. You cannot thrive without them.

You need to be able to talk with people, in person and on the phone. Not just text.

And you need to be able to write to people, not to have a computer do it for you.

We’re at war here, and our enemies are very strong, but also very subtle. They creep into our lives a little bit more every day.

This doesn’t mean that you can use their products or services to your advantage. I’m on my laptop right now.

It just means that you have to be aware of what’s going on if you want to hold onto your identity, and not become the product or service instead.

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