Do You Need More Yin Today?

If your default mode of operations is to be in yang mode, you might be surprised how much more effective that strength can become if you permit yourself to develop and utilized your yin.

Yang is the masculine, aggressive, fast-moving side of things. Yang behavior is often seen in athletes and over-achieving professionals.

When you’re in yang mod and you encounter a frustrating situation, your first instinct is to react with more force; to get angry, to ‘power through’ it.

But it’s the point of frustration, the pain, that is the point where true learning and growth can come. If something frustrates you while your in yang mode, the answer is probably yin, not more yang.

What can you do to slow down right now?

Why is this situation frustrating?

Can you allow your frustration to pass, to roll off like water, and succumb to the fact that you need to be cool, not hot?

Can you drink a glass of water, instead of another cup of coffee?

Can you genuinely smile and approach the person with love?

Conquer that, and your yang will be preserved for situations when it’s really needed.

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