What Did I Find At Expo East?

I just got back from Expo East, which is a very large natural food products trade show, second only in size to Expo West.

The official numbers for 2019 aren’t posted yet, but, there were approximately 2,000 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees, all of whom had a service, product, or connection to the natural foods industry.

There were large pavilions for CBD/Hemp and Beauty/Wellness products, but the main part of the show was (and always will be) the massive food halls.

Many of your favorite, well-known organic & natural food brands were there, as well as many that you’ve never heard of yet.

A good portion of the food was sweet or salty snacks: chocolates, cookies, candies, ice cream, chips, marshmallows, etc. There was plenty of coffee: cold brew, infused with adaptogens or butter & MCT Oil (I drank plenty of that), single origin.

There were lots of savory foods: tortillas, pastas, jerkys, vegan meat alternatives, as well as organic kangaroo meat. And there were a ton of energy, protein, and functional bars.

On top of that, there were a lot of good people. Most of these companies were started by and/or employ people who make these food products to help you live a better life, to have a healthier alternative to what was previously on the market.

So what was my #1 takeaway, after seeing all of those food brands, products, and booths? Was there a single ‘best product’ or dominating trend? Was there something that you need to know in order to be the healthiest person that you can be?

My #1 takeaway was that there is still no ‘magic bullet’. There is no single product that is going to cure your health issues.

Any one of those thousands of foods might help you. A change as simple as switching your breakfast oats can be significant enough to get you on the path towards optimal health, and that’s fantastic, and important.

Ultimately, the answer to what foods you should eat, and what works for you health, is not in a package.

It’s inside of you, waiting to be unwrapped from within.

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