What Did Our Ancestors Eat?

2.5 million years ago the Homo genus evolved. Over a long period of time this genus further evolved into several different kinds of human species.

300,000 years ago our ancestors started using fire.

200,000 years ago our current and only remaining species, Homo Sapiens, evolved.

70,000 years ago was the Cognitive Revolution; this is when language began.

12,000 years ago was the Agricultural Revolution, when we began permanent settlements and the farming of plants and animals.

If you read Yuval Noah Harari’s book Sapiens, he goes into great (and often mind-blowing) detail about the above. There are many dots to connect in our story.

For today, one I’d like to point out to you is that we have really only been farming for a very short period of time; practically no time at all on the larger scale of our evolution.

Other developments such as the use of fire and language were much more critical to Homo Sapiens eventual dominance of the planet.

Fire gave us the ability to cook, shape our environment, and challenge larger animals’ strength.

Language enabled us to communicate, plan, imagine, and share common stories so that we could work together.

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