What Do You Need To Know About Food?

I could have chosen to walk into the second biggest natural food show in the country as the guy who knows a lot. Instead, I chose to be the guy who just knows a little.

In fact I’ll get much more out of Expo East this weekend by assuming nothing, even though I have plenty of experience in food service, with products, and nutrition.

Similarly, I’ve been training and learning about training for about ten years now. I’ve countless repetitions of cleans, jerks, and handstand push ups. But I was eager to walk into a gym at 5:30 yesterday morning and be coached by a coach that was new to me.

Had I not checked my ego at the door, I wouldn’t have been listening. I wouldn’t have heard the four or five awesome tips that he gave me in just one hour, that I carry with me into every future training session that I have.

I wouldn’t have paid attention to the way he modified the workout for the other athletes, both strong and weak, to their levels, on the fly. I wouldn’t have become a better coach myself if I walked in thinking I was the coach.

There are sometimes that I coach. That’s whenever someone else needs help, or asks for it.

But I am always learning, all the time. That never turns off.

So no matter what you do, no matter how long you’ve done it, keep that in mind.

And when it comes to food, you don’t have to know everything, because that’s impossible, and not even helpful to try.

You only have to know what works well for you, which may be very little – but if it works, it’s very powerful.

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