Don’t Buy So Fast

What do tobacco, alcohol, and sugar all have in common?

All three have industries formed around them, and in my opinion, they do far more harm to our collective health than good.

But this post is not about tobacco, alcohol, or sugar.

I’ll explain, but first, to define a few terms for clarity:

‘Industry’ means a complex web of national & international businesses that generate lots of money.

‘Our collective health’ includes you and the people you love.

If you’re one of the few people making lots of money because of one of those industries, then you may have a moral conflict to resolve. If you’re not, then you’re just getting hurt.

This post is not about tobacco, alcohol, or sugar. It’s about the war that you are in the middle of: the fight for your health.

In this battle, knowledge is your best weapon, and you have to know who or what you are fighting, or else you are losing.

We Americans have a strong history of developing harmful industries with very little forethought for the collective health of our children. We do this because the short-term benefits of the products and services are shiny and attractive.

Just because some of the old enemies you’re already familiar with are declining, doesn’t mean that there aren’t new ones gaining power (a lot of power) right now.

When I look at the cellphone industry, and I see WiFi, Bluetooth, and 5G everywhere all the time, I get angry. I choose to protect myself with distance and protective shielding whenever possible.

I am not surprised at all when I hear that e-cigarettes are killers. I am surprised that anyone thought they were safe in the first place.

When I see how big the pharmaceutical industry has grown, and how quickly prescriptions are handed out, without the root causes of problems being addressed, I know in my heart that all of this medicine is making us sick. There are no studies (yes, that is zero) examining the collective side effects of all medicines that people take.

And there are more.

So before you jump onto the hottest trend, get the newest device, or do what everyone else is doing, ask yourself if you feel like this is good for you, or your wife or kids.

If the answer is ‘I’m not sure’ then, don’t buy into it so fast.

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