Are You Being Robbed?

The Standard American Diet is robbing you and your family, and I am not OK with that.

I feel that it is my duty to start ‘stealing’ from the ‘rich’ and giving back to the ‘poor’ to correct this injustice.

It’s not money that we’re taking back. It’s our health. If you’ve been eating the S.A.D. for most of your life, you have been robbed of vitality.

There are a few genetic outliers, such as 100 year-old women who drink soda & smoke cigarettes. The Bulls also had Michael Jordan. You are not either one of them.

You are like me. I ate the S.A.D. for more than 20 years and I ended up pretty sick. I’m lucky that I was young enough to reverse the damage before it became chronic or fatal.

We may not be Michael Jordan, but we do have a superpower: our human body. It’s the most complicated, powerful healing machine on Earth. It is more sophisticated and capable of repair than any computer program or medicine that you can imagine.

It will heal itself, if you fuel it properly.

It’s time to start rebuilding your vitality. Take it back from those who would steal it from you, just to make a buck.

(Coincidentally, you’ll also save and earn more money when you have good health.)

If you’re not sure where or how to start, but you are interested & motivated, that’s enough. Feel free to ask me (all direct messages are confidential). I point people in the right direction every day.

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