“Why Is This Bothering Me?”

Practice asking yourself this question every time you get upset, and the results, if you’re willing to answer yourself truthfully, can be amazing. Especially when it’s a recurring situation, you’ll find that the universe always brings you exactly what you need. It’s up to you whether you’re going to learn the lesson at hand, orContinue reading ““Why Is This Bothering Me?””

Companies Want To Think For You …

… and they’re getting better and better. The ‘auto suggestions’ they offer at the bottom of my emails are eerily accurate options lately. But I never take them. It would be easy to click one button instead of typing a few words, but it wouldn’t be me. I can tell when someone who want toContinue reading “Companies Want To Think For You …”

Do You Need More Yin Today?

If your default mode of operations is to be in yang mode, you might be surprised how much more effective that strength can become if you permit yourself to develop and utilized your yin. Yang is the masculine, aggressive, fast-moving side of things. Yang behavior is often seen in athletes and over-achieving professionals. When you’reContinue reading “Do You Need More Yin Today?”

A Question for Fasters

If you’re intermittently fasting, I have a question for you: Have you learned how to eat properly for your body yet? “I.F.” is very popular right now, and there are many benefits to it. You probably will see, or you may have already felt some of those. But if you’re jumping onto the I.F. bandwagonContinue reading “A Question for Fasters”

How Do I Have So Much Energy?

Well, there are a few things going on here. I’ll list them in no particular order. I go to bed early. I eat food, not things that masquerade as food. I practice vigorous exercise regularly. I practice intentional stillness daily. I ground myself (literally, connect my body with the Earth) every day. I drink appropriateContinue reading “How Do I Have So Much Energy?”

Everything Casts a Shadow

Everything casts a shadow. There is no avoiding that. Obviously that’s true when you walk outside and look at the literal shadows cast by objects in the sun, but there is also a shadow side to your consciousness. It underlies just about everything that you do. What we’re talking about here is the unspoken, buried,Continue reading “Everything Casts a Shadow”