Authenticity of Self

I’ll speak for myself and honestly admit that at (almost) forty years old, it’s difficult to say that many of the things I’ve done have authentically, purely, been things that I wanted to do.

Now, this isn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ thing. Life is not a vacuum. We typically follow the expectations and footsteps of parents, friends, teachers, grandparents, communities, countries, religions, and even corporations, to name a few.

Some of those things are aligned with our true nature. Some are not.

What starts to happen, if you’re willing to do the introspective work, is that you start to realize what doesn’t fit. And you start to, hopefully, say ‘no’ to those things.

I’ve seen younger examples of people in their thirties, twenties, or even teens making their own paths earlier in life. But typically, this is not the case. In fact, many young people today stay in the ‘child’ psychological stage when they’re grown well into adult bodies.

Unfortunately, at the same time that our children are developing more slowly, there is also a void in the role of the elder generations’ connection to that same group of children. I’ll touch more on this in a future post, but the role & value of the wise village elder or grandparent is certainly not being tapped into as much as it used to be.

All hope is far from lost. All of the tools and resources that we need to recenter ourselves as individuals, families, and communities are available now more than they ever were before.

This week we’ll dive deeper into this topic.

That’s enough for you to think about on a Sunday morning.

Make it a great day with your family.

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