You’re Not Late.

No, you’re not late if you have a meeting with me.

We might have to reschedule, but I don’t like the word late.

‘Late’ implies that your actions, and perhaps even your personality, are tied to the clock. But the clock is something that we (humans) invented.

Yes, it’s efficient for us to all have agreed upon times of day, so that we can meet, and make trains and planes on time.

But there’s something missing from all of that.

If I’ve got to wait fifteen minutes for you, that’s a blessing, not a curse.

It’s an opportunity for me to think, breathe, and relax. Perhaps make a phone call, or, simply enjoy the moment.

In this highly overscheduled world of ours, it’s very easy to be late.

It’s much more difficult – and rewarding – to be relaxed.

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