You Have To Practice It

It’s amazing (to me) how on one hand, I am an ‘expert’, yet on the other hand, how little I actually know.

I’ve been in the food business for more than twenty years. I’ve worked with hundreds of organic food companies of all shapes and sizes. I’ve transformed myself from being fat, tired, and out of shape into being strong & full of vitality. I’ve studied holistic nutrition. I coach people like you on your journey of health.

With all of that, I still discover very simple things about health, including my own, regularly. For example, I just identified that the amount of water I drink every day was out of balance.

You probably feel confused and overwhelmed by how much information is out there about health and wellness.

The source of this tension lies in the fact that knowledge and information are not the same thing. Should you read, study, and learn more information? Absolutely. Does more information also mean that you actually know what is right for you? Not at all.

You have to practice it first. Nothing that you read, no matter how many randomized, controlled, double-blind studies it’s backed up by, is validated until you test it on yourself.

Consequently that also means that as you wake up today, no matter what you’ve experienced before, no matter what ideology you may previously have been locked into, if you are seeking true knowledge about your health – the knowledge of what actually works for your individual body – then you must be open to evaluating everything.

The more I learn – and I never stop learning, in fact, I schedule at least sixty minutes for it every day – the less I know. And that’s a good thing.

I want to assume nothing, know as little as possible, and be confident that what I do know definitely works for me.

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