Facing Your Shadows

The entire universe is inside of you.

You’re not made up of just a few parts of bravery and intelligence, and with other seemingly less desirable traits left out on the side.

Yes, you have strengths and weaknesses. Areas in which you excel. Traits that, when you lean on them, you perform better or worse.

You encompass everything, including the entire range of possible emotions.

The key is not to be afraid of this fact.

There are always a few layers, a few aspects of our shadow, that we avoid, suppress, or deny.

But sooner or later, one way or another, they surface.

Rather than forcing these shadow traits to surface when you don’t want them to, you’ll achieve much more significant growth if you can turn and face them on your own terms.

They are a part of you, so, you might as well learn to love them too, and use them for good.

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