Where Is Your Tribe Coming From?

I passed a lemonade stand on a busy road today at 40 miles per hour.

With a minimal investment of time, cardboard, and markers, the young entrepreneur could have created a sign that read ‘ICED COLD LEMONADE – $2’, placed it one block ahead in the direction of oncoming traffic, and probably generated ten times the amount of sales.

There was simply no way to stop in time without a warning. The opportunity passed by.

That’s partially what this blog is. I put it out, ‘on the street’, every day to let people know that there is a path to improve their health, if they follow it.

There’s someone out there that needs what you’ve got to. Someone who’s thirsty for a cold drink, who’s searching for a real solution for their weight, or who’s dying to learn how to crochet.

Whatever it is that you’re good at, let the others in your tribe know. Don’t keep it to yourself.

They might not be next door, driving by, or on your mailing list, yet.

So you may have to figure out where they are coming from, in order to get them where they need to be.

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