Changing Beliefs

The place to begin any transformation is at the beginning: a good understanding of your ‘why’, and the openness to the fact that change is possible.

If you reluctantly join a gym and don’t really believe it’s going to help you, guess what? It probably won’t. You’ll easily find a way to sabotage your progress, and make your negative belief come true.

I’ve written a few posts about ‘your why’, but to remind you, ‘your why‘ is the reason you’re looking to begin this transformation in the first place. If it’s not really aligned with your soul, with what you really want deep down, then, it won’t guide you when things get tough. (Things always get tough.)

It’s a common limiting belief that ‘you’re stuck’ where you are. That because of your genetics, what’s happened before, or a whole host of other reasons, nothing is going to work.

Tell me something, can you see or touch your belief? Can you take it out of your head and put it onto the table in front of you?

No, of course not. That’s because it’s inside your head.

Which also means that you can change it.

Your set of beliefs is real and does come true. But it doesn’t have to be the same as it was yesterday.

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