Every Hour Counts

The other day I mentioned that ‘rest’ is ‘no training at all’.

But it’s far from doing nothing.

In fact, the harder you train, the harder you need to rest.

If you think that you can crush it in the gym, and then ‘cheat’ your sleep, think again.

You need to sleep more than you did before, not less, when you up your training intensity.

Sleep is the time that your muscles repair, your fat burns, and growth happens.

So if you really want that body you’ve been dreaming of, start dreaming more.

If you cheat your sleep, you’ll just be cheating your own potential progress, and all of the hard work you put in at they gym.

Find something else (like TV) that’s getting in your way and cut that out.

Every hour of dreaming counts, just like every rep you can muster does too.

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