Active Recovery Training

I train hard three or four days per week, but that’s not the only kind of training there is.

Perhaps a few definitions will clear this up:

Training TypeDefinition
HardHigh intensity in terms of weights, reps, or effort.
SportIntense, but different than hard training.
RestNo training at all.
RecoveryLow intensity training, deloading, mobility, stretching.

All four are good and needed. Depending on where you are physically, you’ll need each one in various amounts and intervals.

Notice that if you are capable of high intensity training, then for you, low intensity training is a form of recovery.

It means that you can’t go ‘balls the wall’ seven days per week.

What I like to do on my Recovery days, which I try to get one or two of each week is some jogging, skipping, jumping, bodyweight movements, rumble rolling, and static stretching or yoga.

That might even be a mini workout complete with squats, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and so forth to get the blood flowing and keep the body loose, sweating, and active.

So, yes, you’ll recover when you rest completely.

But when you Recover (capitalized to illustrate the difference), you’ll get stronger, faster, while improving your healing.

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