Lifting A Huge Energetic Burden

We talked a little bit about how your energy can be unblocked with better choices made around food & relaxation so far.

Here’s a less obvious area that may be blocking up your energy: relationships.

If you are managing stressful or toxic relationships, that absorbs your energy. A lot of it.

Just think about it: if the other person is a closed loved one or co worker, you might spend 50% of your day under direct stress. That has a direct effect on your mind, and on your body.

Furthermore, the effects of harmful relationships pervade even when you’re not sitting next to the other person.

OK, so, assuming you agree with me, how do you fix it?

In lieu of specific knowledge and advice with your particular situation, I’ll tell you this:

It’s not easy, and it’s never as hard as you fear.

Yes, you will have to have an uncomfortable conversation. Yes, you will have to be honest. Yes, it might not work.

But no, in my experience, it has never turned out in that ‘worst way’ that you dream up inside your head.

The reality is that once you move your relationship forward, it is a great relief. That huge burden weighing down on your systems of energy is lifted.

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