What’s the Deal with Milk?

I grew up loving & drinking milk. Regular, old school, non-organic, Dairy Barn milk. I had it with cereal & oatmeal before school, and there was nothing better than a cold glass with an entire box of Chips Ahoy Deluxe cookies. (You know, the white package that they don’t make anymore, that was thicker than the regular ones with bigger chocolate chips.)

Things are different now because we know what we didn’t know. (That’s not the same as knowing more. It’s actually knowing more by knowing less.)

What we didn’t know was that regular, old school milk might not be the best thing for us, for several reasons.

One thing hasn’t changed: I still love milk.

I just get it in different formats now.

So, what I’m not going to do in this post is go into all of the details. I try to write as little to you as possible that you can learn about on your own. The purpose of this blog is not to regurgitate facts.

It’s to show you new paths towards what might work better for you, and to help you take reasonable, actionable steps towards better health.

I take organic, grass-fed whey protein powder for muscle gain and repair. Isolated whey protein doesn’t have any casein in it, so it doesn’t upset my stomach.

When I eat a little ‘regular’ cheese or drink a little ‘regular’ milk, not much happens. But when I ingest more than a few ounces, it doesn’t agree with me.

So I use high quality almond, oat, or coconut milk in the kitchen for snacking & baking.

When I drink A2 milk (not the necessarily from company A2, but, any milk made with the A2 protein) I have no issues. So, I like Goat Milk products.

Fermented milk products are also pretty good for me, probably because they’re pre-digested. That would include Kefir or some yogurts.

So what is it that we didn’t know that might make regular milk not be so good for us? We didn’t know about our sometimes lowered ability to digest ‘regular’ milk as we grew up, which can lead to issues. We didn’t know that there was a massive financial marketing & lobbying effort brainwashing us. We didn’t know that it might be full of things that don’t belong in milk. We didn’t know that it might be really bad for the planet.

Now that we know what we didn’t know, we can enjoy milk in other ways.

If you have any specific questions, just ask.

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