Filtering Information

I talked a little bit yesterday about the problem of information overload. Today’s let’s look at some solutions. Specifically with your health, buzzwords and headlines are everywhere. Because they are everywhere, they contribute to the problem, whether or not they are helpful. The overall overload of information that makes it very difficult to proceed. HowContinue reading “Filtering Information”

‘Boring’ Training Is Better

You know what makes you really strong? It’s the boring stuff. Not the sexy stuff. It’s not the TRX machine, the crazy Crossfit WOD that makes you puke, the Peloton, or the ShakeWeight. It’s basic flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. It’s body-weight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and dips. And when you do add weights,Continue reading “‘Boring’ Training Is Better”

Extinguishing Anger

I know that when I get angry, I can feel it, as physical sensations in my body. It starts to rise in my chest. Some of muscles, particularly around my core, tense up. My temperature rises a degree or two; sometimes I start to sweat from my body, hands, and feet. There’s a corresponding psychologicalContinue reading “Extinguishing Anger”

Training For Energy

When it comes to energy, your body can actually create it. It’s quite the miracle. You’re not just an ‘energy burning’ machine like a toaster that needs power solely from an external source. Yes, you need to rest and eat good food for fuel. But proper breath work, relaxation, meditation, movement, exercise, and stretching canContinue reading “Training For Energy”

Authenticity of Self

I’ll speak for myself and honestly admit that at (almost) forty years old, it’s difficult to say that many of the things I’ve done have authentically, purely, been things that I wanted to do. Now, this isn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ thing. Life is not a vacuum. We typically follow the expectations and footsteps ofContinue reading “Authenticity of Self”

Taking Inventory Of Yourself

Make two lists. On the first, write down all of your positive traits. Your superpowers. The things about your personality that benefit you, that help you accomplish goals, and achieve success. On the second, write down all of your negative traits. The things that you do, or the things that prevent you from getting whereContinue reading “Taking Inventory Of Yourself”