Bring Wednesdays To Life

So, on Monday I told you why do don’t need more energy, but rather, that you need to unlock the energy that is already inside of you.

On Tuesday I told you about food, one of the main pathways towards achieving that goal.

Today is Wednesday, commonly regarded as ‘hump day’ because it’s the middle of the week. In this light, it’s seen as the slowest day, because it’s so far from either possible point of rest.

Well, guess what the next pathway to unblocked energy is?


Rest falls within the concept of Calm, one of the four pillars of vitality.

It’s sleep (good deep sleep), yes, but it’s also more than that.

Being rested includes quieting your mind, actively practicing recovery (especially if you train hard!) possibly having a spiritual practice, making time for play (not work!), being in nature, and several other things.

It’s the antidote to burnout.

It makes Wednesdays fun.

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