I Am Crazy.

I am crazy.

I have to admit it because I can see how I may look crazy to you when I’m dragging a tire up & down my block in one-hundred degree weather, drinking disgusting looking drinks filled with spirulina powder every morning, or listening to long boring podcasts about mushrooms.

I’ve come to realize that the crazier I am, the better. Here’s why:

If I am crazy about health, and that means that I have to put myself out there, possibly fail or be wrong sometimes, or seem like a weirdo to some, and …

…  as long as I’m not personally offending, being disrespectful, or hurting anyone, and …

… as long as I am helping others and growing as a person, then I’m happy to be guilty as charged.

You’ve got to get a little ‘crazy’ to get good at something.

The question is, what are you crazy about?

Is it knitting? Organization? Raising pets? Politics? Baking?

If you’re not sure, think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do? There is always something that you loved, or were interested in, that you can pursue, in a grown-up manner, today.

This – identifying what you love, what you are passionate about – is very important for your health. (And it doesn’t have to be health.)

The absence of creativity in your life, perhaps coupled with a career that goes against what you are crazy about, creates an imbalance that will drag down your health.

It makes it hard to care for yourself, to go to work in the morning, and to sleep well at night.

So, find something that makes you crazy, and go for it.

Next week, we’ll talk about milk.

– Coach Matt

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