Turning On Recovery

It takes a significant portion of your body’s available energy to digest and absorb the food you eat.

In addition to that, whenever there is food in your body to be digested, your digestive systems are activated – they’re running & working in ‘on’ mode.

Would you want to keep loading your washing machine with clothes & running it all day long, over & over again? No. Both you & the machine would want a break at some point.

But your body is much, much more complicated than a washing machine, because when you’re not digesting, it can engage in many other processes that are really good for you.

I won’t get deep into the science here but one of those processes is called autophagy, which is when your body cleans itself of wasteful materials.

To keep it simple these processes (autophagy and others) help your body rest, repair, recover, and … burn fat.

So, how can you test this out? How can you turn off your digestive systems and give your recovery systems a chance to work? How can you see if this actually makes you lose weight or feel better?

You can either start eating a little later, or stop eating a little earlier.

And yes, you can call this ‘intermittent fasting’. I’m just really reluctant to jump on any kind of bandwagon, trend, or diet fad.

I’d much rather you not think that you have to follow some kind of manual, and, make sure that you abstain from food for a certain number of hours that you Googled.

No, it doesn’t have to be as hardcore or rigid as that.

In fact I would much prefer you to go for steady, consistent change.

For example: if you normally stop eating your last bite of food at 10 PM, for two weeks, make that 9 PM and see how you feel. (Or, later in the AM – whichever is easier.)

Just one hour at a time. If you log how you feel in a journal or notepad, even better.

Questions? Let me know šŸ™‚

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