You Are In Control Of Things

The other day I thought for a second that I had chosen ‘the wrong line’ at the supermarket.

The person who had gotten on the line next to me at the same time was long gone, in fact several people had completed their process, but I hadn’t moved.

But then I saw clearly that it was, in fact, the correct line, not the wrong one.

It has provided me the opportunity to pause for a few moments.

To take a few deep breaths.

To not be in a rush.

To think.

Wherever you are in life, whether it’s at the supermarket, or in general, stuck in some areas, or moving forward in others, is no accident.

The universe has a way of bringing you exactly what you need.

The only question is, are you willing to learn from it?

Here’s a hint: if you don’t, you will keep finding yourself in the same position, over and over again.

Now, getting back to the supermarket: you cannot control how fast your checkout line moves.

But you can control whether or not you walk into the supermarket at all.

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