Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat.

Sugar does.

I’m not afraid to eat fat. I find that I feel great when I do.

Your body needs fat. It helps your brain grow and function. It’s your preferred source of energy. It aids in muscle recovery. It dissolves fat-soluble vitamins so that your body can absorb them.

The thing is, it’s got to be good, clean fat.

Not processed, questionable fat such as margarine or blended vegetable oils.

Invest in high quality fats such as: wild caught fish; organic, grass fed, pasture-raised meat, eggs, butter, ghee, milk, cheese, and organ meats; organic avocados; organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil; organic nuts & coconuts.

Notice that I didn’t use the ‘K’ word here. I’m not on a ketogenic diet, and, I’m not suggesting that you should be either.

It’s possible that might work for you, spordically or consistently.

But don’t worry about that for now.

First, just take a look at what fats you are eating.

Then, start to see how you feel when you switch them (if needed).

Then you can play with the quantities.

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