Trial & Error

I just listened to a podcast the other day in which the point was made that fruits & vegetables might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

That it’s possible, they pointed out, that they are more harmful than helpful.

Now, I’m not jumping onto the carnivore bandwagon, don’t worry.

And I’ve got plenty more research to do before I endorse this point of view.

But you do have to constantly be listening and learning, which also means being open to burning down whatever biases you may come to the table with.

Just because you grew up being told it, or thinking, it doesn’t make it true.

Keep in mind that nutrition science is very, very young. Far younger than almost any other branch of science.

We really just don’t know anything with certainty, as a whole.

But you can figure out what works well for you, with trial & error.

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