No Doubt.

There’s no room for doubt in weightlifting.

If I have any doubt at all, I don’t attempt the lift.

I recently mentioned a little bit about my technique for getting my mindset right before a lift.

Yesterday I hit a PR on my fourth set out of five.

(‘PR’ means ‘personal record’, which means a big lift.)

Sometimes I push that mindset so well, if I’m feeling good, I might hit a PR early, with more work left to do.

It’s more typical that you’ll crush PR’s in your last set, but, not always.

Having done that, I started doubting if I could get more.

Sometimes, I do hit two PR’s in one session. But yesterday, I was already sore and cramping up.

So I backed down the weight for the last set.

You’ve got to know when to listen to your body, and mind.

I’m almost always pushing & increasing …

… unless my body and mind are screaming not to.

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