How To Have Fun With Your Food

I like dessert. I baked cookies and brownies this week. I even dropped a brownie into a blender with ice cream and milk, and made a brownie milk shake out of it.

It was freaking amazing, in fact.

Now, to be clear, I used very high quality ingredients. It was a brownie made with organic almond flour, chocolate, sugar, and eggs. I used organic almond milk, and Van Leeuwen’s artisinal non-dairy ice cream.

I only made a small serving, and it was so rich that I could barely finish it.

It was a bit of a celebration. It’s not something I do every week, or even every month.

But the occasion was correct.

A big part of food is enjoying what you eat.

I would contend, and, I can speak from personal experience, that if you’re eating crap, you’re not really enjoying it – even if you think you are.

Once you do have your ingredients correct, meaning, as little processed junk as possible, when the time is right, you will be able to have some fun, without restriction, and feel great about it.

With discipline comes freedom.

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