Training While Sore

If I’m really sore, for example, the day after playing a competitive sport, I train anyway.

There’s no skipping training for soreness.

I might (I repeat, might) back off the percentages a little bit, but, typically it’s not necessary.

What is necessary when you’re really sore is extra anti-soreness protocol, or, recovery.

That includes:

  • Double foam rolling
  • Extra warmup before sessions
  • Plenty of water
  • Static stretching at night or after cooled down
  • Double mobility work
  • Plenty of fish oil, greens, and health fats
  • Go to bed early / get lots of hard sleep

Soreness isn’t a reason to stop training.

I’ll stop when I’m dead.

Once you get a good warmup in, you’ll barely notice the soreness at all.

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