How Do You Want to Die?

I have good news for you. Your body, given the right conditions, has the power to reverse years of damage.

Food really does heal, and good nutrition is one of the most accessible ways to get your health in balance.

It’s time to start paying yourself back by investing in … yourself.

You’re a working parent. You’ve got kids, a home, and bills. On several levels, you’ve ‘made it’. You’ve successfully gotten through childhood, and had children of your own. You’ve got a job. Yes, you have challenges, but you live and function as an adult.

You can ‘make it’ from 0 to 40 on a pretty crappy diet, but that’s not going to work forever. Between 40 and 80, aches and pains evolve into chronic conditions. Illnesses turn into diseases. Treatments for these become more severe and expensive, if they haven’t already.

Is that what you work and struggle so hard for? To ‘function’?

I don’t think so. The quality of your life from 40 to 80, and hopefully from 80 to 120, is at stake. So, by extension, is that of the ones you love.

You are going to die, whether you eat kale or not. The real question is, how?

You don’t get to be a bystander. Being passive, indifferent, or avoiding the question is an active choice to leave the quality of your life to chance.

You, no matter what has come to pass before, have the power to shape the quality of the rest of your life.

Food changes everything. Several times every day, you can give yourself the strongest medicine on the planet, and allow your body to heal itself.

(Side note: I don’t even like kale. It’s annoying to cook and chew.)

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