What Don’t You Know About Food?

I try not to constantly tell other people what I know about food.

You would think that I might do that more, considering that I am an organic food distributor, and a holistic nutrition coach.

But, that’s usually less helpful than the opposite: letting people know what I don’t know about food.

For example, I do know what the basic principles of a healthy diet are. But I don’t know exactly which ones will work best for you, or, more specifically, which ones you will be most likely to follow tomorrow.

(At least, not without learning a little bit more about you.)

In many social situations I am asked, ‘what’s the best [this or that]’ kind of food, exercise, or other health question.

Sometimes the answer is clear, but, more often, it’s an opening for the questioner to realize (by me showing them that it’s OK not to know) that they have some exploration to do – not a place for me to bring down the answers about food from the mountaintop.

So, learn more? Continually self-educate & experiment?


Assume, at any point, that you have the answers?


Be more keen about what you don’t know, than what you do?

For sure. That’s the only place from where you can grow.

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