Where Is Your Career Taking You?

In my coaching practice, the fundamental topic of career comes up alot.

It’s the #1 obstacle that you probably face in trying to eat and exercise well and regularly.

You probably spend the majority of your time every week at work. Possibly as much as 80 hours (out of 168 total). If you subtract sleep, that doesn’t leave very many hours for … everything else.

Now, there are ways, even with a heavy of work schedule, to eat, sleep, and move well. That is possible. And, I’ll write some more posts about those.

But that’s not where I would start.

I would start by asking if you love what you do?

Or, if what you do somehow serves as a means towards and end to doing, or achieving, what you love?

Or, if you even know what you would love to do or achieve?

Without any clarity on those questions, going to work for 50% of your weekly hours will start to break down your health, over time, simply because you don’t know where you are going.

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